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All-ee All-ee In Come Free

"Why do bad things happen to good people?" or...

"If God is all knowing and all loving, why did She/He let (insert disaster here) happen?" or…

“Where are we and why are we here?”

These questions MUST be asked at some point by all of us. I believe it is the reason we're here...to ask and finally answer them. I believe the natural evolution of spirit leads EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US to this philosophical crossroad. And I believe, with all my heart, that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US will come back home to God. All-ee all-ee in come free.

I was blessed/cursed with an insatiable hunger for spiritual sustenance. I remember being five and kneeling at the foot of my bed, praying to Jesus, inviting him down to visit me. At eight and nine I used to ride my bike to attend Mass during the week. I considered the priesthood as a vocation.

Around the age of fifteen, I began seriously questioning some of the seemingly arbitrary tenets of the Catholic faith, and my mother (a very religious woman herself) suggested that I speak to a priest. As fate (?) would have it, I chose an extremely intelligent man with an open mind (he later left the priesthood, but that's another story). After hearing me out, he assured me that my questions and concerns were valid and encouraged me to look elsewhere for my avenue of faith. I have been looking "elsewhere" ever since.

There are no coincidences…none. We ask for (consciously or unconsciously) and constantly receive teachers, students, and lessons into our lives. My “asking” has led me to some very interesting places. I was a "Jesus" freak for about twenty minutes somewhere back there. I followed a 16-year-old "perfect master" from India for about a year...shaved my head, lived in an ashram, handed out pamphlets. I began to meditate and pray early in this process and continue to this day. I’ve read many spiritually focused books (see bibliography) that have deeply moved me and have changed my life. And for the past 17 years I have been studying and practicing “A Course In Miracles”, a metaphysical thought system based on forgiveness and healing.

I did my proselytizing thing many years ago (can I get an “Amen” here?), and realized, thankfully, that it didn’t work. But, undeniably, healing was desperately needed. So I decided to tend my own spiritual garden and let it speak for itself; to spend the remaining years of this lifetime striving to open myself to the Wisdom of the Heart (to learn the true meaning of Unconditional Love), to attempt to exist “normally” in the world, and secretly share this love with all my brothers and sisters. During this journey, I have been drawn to many, many souls who in one way or another seek to do the same. Recently, in a moment of inspiration, I realized that we are members of an underground resistance movement… heaven bent on healing humanity. We are loosely knit, myriad, and incredibly powerful. We are Soldiers of the Heart. Share these cards. Share your Hearts. Stay the Course.

Let the Healing Begin.

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