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Fortune and Ego
by Michael G

Fortune and Ego,
Hunger and pain,
How long must we watch this world go insane?

Souls stomping, starving hearts,
Is this the end or is it the start.
Tomorrow will come, yesterday will go,
Let us all make this world not what it is,
But what we should know.

Of something great we must make,
To see no hate, greed and corruption plaguing this place,
That we call home,
Will it ever stop I donít know.

We drive our cars down the roads,
With signs of egos filling our souls
Death and destruction is on TV.
Will it be you or will it be me?

Let us seal our hearts
Not with the signs
But whatís at the start,

A love thatís pure
A love thatís free
A love that will free you
A love that released me.

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